Supply Chain Solutions


We develop a full range of solutions to address all supply chain related activities. Not only do we conduct detailed bill of materials (BOM) analysis we also help you through commodity shortages and finding obsolete or discontinued items.

Our collaborative process helps us respond immediately to rapidly changing supply conditions while taking advantage of opportunities and minimizing threats.

After we confirm the parts are shipped out from our global network of suppliers, we learn from each other and prepare for future orders based on sophisticated data analysis. We help cut through the red tape, anticipate market trends, and work in unison to identify, predict, and prepare for future consumer demand and likely customer orders.

Fornida is supply chain diversity. Whether you require detailed bill of material (BOM) analysis, are facing a market wide commodity shortage, or are looking to capitalize on a sizable margin opportunity, we offer a full range of solutions to address any supply chain need.

Fornida’s team is an extension of yours—we work on your behalf to find constrained product, negotiate for lower material costs, uncover inefficiencies in your supply chain…or simply fulfill a basic requirement while offering a superior level of service. Our goal is clear: to optimize the commodity buying process for your company.

Industries We Work With

Fornida is a trusted supplier to many large organizations and government agencies in the following sectors:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Military
  • Aerospace
  • Medical
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Pre/Post Sales Engineering Support


Support to better ensure our clients success is innate to how we operate. We are there to guide your needs.  Our certified engineers work closely with your account manager to make certain we build working solutions that meet your requirements.

From a simple server configuring to a complex Wi-Fi design – our engineers are well versed in server, storage and networking architecture.

Our team is here to make your life easier – so please lean on us to help with the burden of engineering a working IT solution that meets your needs and IT budget.



To save you time and money, Fornida offers free server, storage and networking configurations.  

We provide agility and responsiveness to help you succeed. Most orders are configured in 24-48 hours of when all product arrives at our distribution center.

We also offer more advanced configuration options like: racking, cabling, and image layering.

Please do not hesitate to contact your account manager for a quote on a custom configuration within the timeframe you need.

Config Room

IMAC – Install, Move, Add, Change


The information technology world is marked by rapid and relentless transformation. The frequent modifications of today’s IT systems are needed to meet operational demands.

Fornida can provide IT services and support via system upgrades, reconfigurations, and physical relocation of equipment to guarantee your business efficiency. From a simple server installation to a complex Wi-Fi design our network of technicians can help you across the spectrum of IT service’s needs.

With a network of 25,000 technicians worldwide in over 150+ countries, Fornida has you covered.

Data Decommissioning


Whether you are looking for E-Waste management, liquidation, or data wiping partner, Fornida is there to support you.  We specialize in removing equipment quickly and securely from your network and data centers.

Data security is our greatest concern. We use state of the art hardware and software to eliminate data to ensure that it is not recoverable.

If products can be reused and our clients chose to resell, we will maximize returns on your investment by using our vast network.

The entire data decommissioning process is documented with precision to allow traceability of assets and security to give you peace of mind.

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BOM Evaluation


Fornida forms close partnerships with clients that invite an open exchange of supply chain information, including bill of material documents.

By periodically analyzing BOM documents, Fornida can identify major cost savings opportunities and confirm that our clients are maximizing margin potential throughout production.

Rest assured that our custom cost saving initiatives will not interrupt your supply chain activities or direct manufacturing relationships.

Instead, our status as an independent distributor will add diversity to your supply chain, improve fill-rate, and reduce commodity expense.

Shortages, Hard to Find, & End of Life


Finding commodities that may not be readily available in the market is a reality that all of our customers face—Fornida is your solution.

Whether your team requires a component type that has already been allocated (hard to find) or is at the end of its lifecycle (end of life), our supply chain experts have an extensive network of vendors that can assist in resolving your material shortages.

By working closely with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), contract manufacturers (CMs), and value added resellers (VARs), we are able to identify potential commodity shortage trends before they become prevalent in the market. Identifying these trends early allows our clients to protect their supply chain cost structure.


Managing Product Excess

Working capital is a focus for all companies. In high tech industries, product life-cycles tend to be short-term and product obsolescence inevitable. It is paramount for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), contract manufacturers (CMs), and value added resellers (VARs) to formulate fruitful partnerships that allow them to manage excess commodity stock. Fornida partners with OEMs, CMs, and VARs to gain access to this inventory and identify appropriate end points for excess product within our customer base.

Similarly, Fornida offers consignment solutions directly to our customers. If production is halted on one our client’s primary solutions, Fornida can create new revenue streams by marketing your existing inventory to other clients or vendors across the globe. Simply put, we protect our clients by minimizing inventory obsolescence and write-offs.

Fornida Check 1-2-3

When working with traditional distributors, even the most basic customer service standards can go ignored. At Fornida, quality of product and level of service are what we thrive on. In addition to more comprehensive product services—baking product, product programming, functional testing—we strictly follow a three step process which ensures our clients maintain peace of mind at every step in the buying process:

1Quote Response

All enquiries are responded to in 30 minutes or less. Fill out our form online or give us a call.

2Visual Confirmation

High resolution visuals confirming product quality are emailed to clients prior to shipment.

3Shipment Details

Tracking information is shared with clients immediately following final shipment scan.