Fornida has acquired a number of brand new Marvell LUPXA255A0C400 processors in original manufacturers packaging. As part of Fornida’s commitment to quality, selected processors have been fully tested and X-Rayed to ensure perfect functionality and authenticity.

The Marvell/Intel LUPXA255A0 processor provides high integration, high performance and low power consumptionfor portable handheld and handset devices. These processors incorporate the Intel® XScale™ Microarchitecture based on the ARM* V5TE architecture.

The processor memory interface supports a variety of memory types that allow flexible design requirements. Hooks for connection to two companion chips permit glueless connection to external devices. A rich set of serial devices as well as general-system resources provide enough compute and connectivity capability for many applications.

Refer to the Intel® XScale™ Microarchitecture for the Intel® PXA250 and PXA210 Applications Processors User’s Manual for implementation details, extensions, and options implemented by the XScale Microarchitecture.For details on the programming model and theory of operation of each of these units, refer to the Intel® PXA255 Processor Developer’s Manual.

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