Fornida has acquired a number of brand new Silicon Motion SM501GF8AB processors in original manufacturers packaging. As part of Fornida’s commitment to quality, selected processors have been fully tested and X-Rayed to ensure perfect functionality and authenticity.

The SM501 is a multimedia companion chip targeted for mobile devices that are optimized for increased battery life and high-resolution desktop-equivalent graphics performance and full-motion video. This combination of power and performance redefines the mobile product segment by enabling previously unseen levels of graphics and video acceleration for mobile and embedded devices.

The SM501 is an ideal solution for a host of devices and applications, including Video over IP, PDAs, videoconferencing, convergence devices, car telematics and other non-PC products that require the broadest range of multimedia performance and functionality.

In addition to a power-optimized, high-performance graphics and video acceleration engine, SM501 provides key integrated features that minimize external components and lower overall system cost. The SM501 supports all leading RISC CPU architectures in the mobile space through a direct 32-bit CPU or standard PCI interface. The SM501 integrates numerous interfaces, including a TV encoder interface, digital video input port (supports MPEG decoders or video capture solutions), and an integrated USB 1.1 controller. Finally, the SM501 comes with integrated memory options eliminating cost and space required for external memory.

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