Quality Assurance Measures

In the electronic distribution industry, product quality is a market wide priority. Fornida values the quality assurance process just as much as our clients, who depend on us to provide genuine products in perfect condition. Our quality control program guarantees that clients only receive authentic commodities in the condition originally specified–no exceptions, no surprises. For additional peace of mind, our team continuously monitors the channel for new quality control standards and improves our processes accordingly. Our standards protect our clients and provide the basis for long lasting relationships.

Every commodity procured by Fornida is received in our distribution center and rigorously inspected according to our certified inspection program. Only the products that meet our strict standards are then shipped to our clients.

An excerpt of this program includes checking commodities for:

  • 1Manufacturer
  • 2Part Number
  • 3Date Code (if applicable)
  • 4Packaging (if applicable)

Once each item has passed final inspection, it is packaged and labeled with the above information. This ensures that our clients receive accurately identified commodity.


Vendor Selection Process

Fornida’s vendor rating program guarantees that we only transact with reputable vendors that adhere to our ethical standards. We prequalify vendors with proven metrics — history in the channel, product synergies, target markets — and continue to monitor their performance to ensure they achieve measured goals.

Business Ethics

Fornida realizes that your business relies on us to complete our due diligence, assuring our products are genuine. We take extensive measures to screen vendors and avoid counterfeit commodities or refurbished products that are presented as new. We emphasize the importance of business conduct with both our vendors and clients so partnerships remain successful on all sides.

Quality Control Standards & Procedures

Fornida specializes in improving the efficiency of customer supply chains. We are composed primarily of sales and purchasing professionals with a comprehensive understanding of global commodity inventory. We use this information to connect our customers with brand new, low cost inventory in commodity buying scenarios.


Frequently Asked Questions


Are you ISO 9001:2003 or ISO 9001:2008 registered?

Fornida is a young company and is still in the process of acquiring these industry standard ISO certifications.

Do you have a documented Quality System?

Yes. We fully understand that product quality & testing is very important…so we rely on a variety of visual, mechanical, and electrical tests to ensure product authenticity before shipment. Below is a brief list of what is available for semiconductor testing:

  • Basic IC dimensional evaluation and packaging check
  • Functional testing
  • Mark permanency (ink test to confirm origination with ODM)
  • Solderbility test
  • Electrical authenticity testing
  • X-Ray testing / X-Ray fluorescence (lead test)

Any nonconforming product is immediately purged, quarantined, and returned back to the supplier.

Is your test and inspection equipment subject to regular documented tests?

Yes. We rely on our long term test house partners that specialize in semiconductor testing that have strict written equipment inspection guidelines to maintain their testing equipment.  We also have in house testing capability for major computer manufacturers.

Is your system certified by a third party? Is your system assessed and accepted by a third party?

No and no. Fornida was founded by individuals with an extensive history in the EMS channel who have developed our quality system from the ground up. Our founders’ experience in both a contract manufacturing and franchise distribution environment have educated our QC process, so we are extremely confident in the structure of our quality checks and have never had issues with product authenticity in any capacity. While we do not currently carry any certifications, we expect to begin the ISO certification process in the coming year.

Does your company keep copies of inspection records?

Yes. We also keep pictures of every commodity that passes through Fornida’s distribution center.

Do you have programs to control nonconforming product?

Yes. All nonconforming product is purged, quarantined, and returned back to the supplier immediately.

Do you have a corrective action program?

Yes. Any supplier that does not adhere to Fornida’s strict quality expectations is removed from our approved vendor list. They must have written  documentation to provide root cause analysis in order to get placed back onto Fornida’s AVL.