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SanDisk SDED5-512M-N9Y





Fornida has acquired a number of brand new SanDisk SDED5-512M-N9Y flash memory chips in original manufacturers packaging. As part of Fornida’s commitment to quality, selected chips have been fully tested and X-Rayed to ensure perfect functionality and authenticity.

The SDED5-512M-N9Y is part of SanDisks mDOC H3 family of flash memory. The mDOC H3 is an Embedded Flash Drive (EFD) designed for mobile handsets and consumerelectronics devices. mDOC H3 is the new generation of SanDisk’s successful mDOC product family, enabling tens of millions of handsets and other mobile devices since theyear 2000. mDOC H3 is a hybrid device combining an embedded thin flash controller and standard flash memory. In addition to the high reliability and high
system performance offered by the current mDOC family of products, mDOC H3 offers plug-and-play integration, support for multiple NAND technologies and more features such as advanced power management schemes.

mDOC H3 uses advanced Multi-Level Cell (MLC) and binary (SLC) NAND flash technologies, enhanced by SanDisk’s proprietary TrueFFS embedded flash management software running as firmware on the flash controller. The breakthrough in performance, size, cost and design makes mDOC H3 the ideal solution for mobile handsets and consumer electronics manufacturers who require easy integration, fast time to market, high-capacity, small form factor, high-performance and most importantly, highly reliable storage.